Perhaps if you will express you opinion, and ask some questions, I can respond and we will find the answers.

As you know there is the remembrance of the death of Raffaello after 500 years in April 1520. And right now he is again well known in the world. The magnificent exhibits and lectures by experts, sponsored by the Italian Ministry have been exposed to everyone. See RAFFAELO 500 programs.  I believe I saw all of them, and listened to many lectures. I appreciated them very much, and always learned something new.

My research on Raffaello’s  life, his works, his Patrons, made me realize that I had to tell the story, and perhaps one day, when this painting will be again for sale, they will remember it, they will find  the painting provenance, the scientific tests that where done,  and perhaps some Historian will agree with me.

Right now I have discovered at least three cases of prominent Art Historian, Restorer, and a Museum Director, that they have found two old paintings, one by Caravaggio and another by Michelangelo.  They recognized the artists. they believe that those two paintings are authentic. But the so called  “Art Community” do not agree, and do not give credit to the professional individuals that have found the paintings.

This story is about how I find the painting, why I accepted to do the research and what I have found. The real  reasons were that I promise my friend, that owned the painting since 1871  that I would research her story, and  that  when I saw the painting I had such a sudden emotion to see the expression of the Madonna’s eyes, which they were looking at her Baby Jesus with so much real love and devotion, that was impossible not to be real love. I believe that this is the painting by Raffaello. Where was it for all those years? The original Raffaello painting on canvas was commissioned in 1514 by Senor Lionello Pio da Carpi. It was inherited by his nephew Cardinal Rodolfo Pio da Carpi, that because he did not have anymore members of his family, at his death in 1564 was inherited by his family relative, Falco Pio di Savoia.

That is how it all started, and here is the picture of the painting as it was bought  in 1871 In Rome. It was in an American home in Washington DC until 1982 when I started the research.  Now is in a private collection in California.

Now we start asking what really happened, who where those people, where did the painting go after the death of Cardinal Pio da Carpi, and why the painting is known as the “MADONNA OF DIVINE LOVE”?


  1. Cara Carla,
    Please see the email I just sent you personally regarding: Raphael: The Making of a Master | Lecture by Davide Gasparotto (J.Paul Getty Museum). I don’t know if this is helpful, but it might be of interest to you, as he is an expert on Raphael’s painting evolution and styles.
    Best Regards,


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