The original title of this painting was also The Sacred Family, then why after two centuries Did it become known as The Madonna of Divine Love?

In 1518 a painting on wood with the same composition of the Madonna and baby Jesus, St. Elizabeth, and baby St. John, and St. Joseph in the background, it was also named The Sacred Family. This painting was commissioned by Alessandro Farnese, elected Pope Paul III, and it was inherited by his nephew Cardinal Alessandro Farnese and it remains in their private collection.

But in 1731 Elisabetta Farnese then queen of Spain requested the collection for her son Carlo, king of Naples, and the collection was eventually moved to Naples and exhibited in the new Capodimonte Museum when since then is open to the public.

Why from that time on did this painting become known as The Madonna of Divine Love?

Alessandro Farnese Pope Paul III (image via Wikipedia)
Cardinal Alessandro Farnese (image via Wikipedia)

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