Capodimonte Naples

When Elisabetta Farnese, then Queen of Spain pleaded with the St. Peter State for the return of the Farnese collection, that were appropriated by Pope Innocenzo X after the disastrous second battle of Castro of 1649, it was returned to her in 1731.

Her request was on behalf of her son Carlo, King of Naples and Sicily and the collection went to Naples.

A grand palace was built in Naples and all the documents and records of the Farnese Family are deposited there, while from 1734 all the Art collection is in the beautiful Capodimonte Museum on the hills of Naples.

From the eighteen hundreds many Art Historians have visited the Museum and commented on many of the paintings and one in particular is “The Madonna of Divine Love”.

There is a difference of opinion between them. Some believe that was painted by Raffaello and some believe that was painted by his pupil GianFrancesco Penni.

What do you believe?

Campodimonte Museum, Naples, Italy
Campodimonte Museum, Naples, Italy

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