Art History Notes

Notes for those studying art history regarding “The Madonna of Divine Love by Raffaello” a book by Carla Nicole De Petris.

Many subject could be interesting to discuss  and form opinions about from reading The Madonna of Divine Love.

Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino is one painter considered part of the triumvirate famous painters of the Renaissance;  Leonardo,  Michelangelo and the younger one Raffaello. He died very young but he left a patrimony in design, etchings, painting and architecture.

Raffaello traveled very much but he work in three important cities.  His development and recognition started in Urbino, then Firenze and then Rome where he received many commissions particularly by Popes  Giulio II and  Leone X,  Cardinal Giulio de’ Medici.  And many more.

For ever establishing his recognition.

Raffaello meeting with Durer and seeing his wood cut and superb engraving he realized that his drawings could be engraved and he choose to give only  to Marcantonio Raimondi his drawing to engrave.

 It is a good subject to explore because many important drawing by Raffaello became wonderful etchings

Raffaello  had many students and collaborator in his Atelier of more than forty artist.  Two of them were the most known as Giulio Romano and Gianfrancesco Penni.  Their story is also very interesting because many painting have been described with the collaboration of Giulio Romano and some with Gianfrancesco Penni.

The story of the Madonna of Divine Love is a good example to discuss because the question remain unknown if the 1518 painting on wood in the  Capodimonte  Museum in Naples was painted by Raffaello or by his pupil Gianfrancesco Penni

Giulio Romano after the death of Raffaello in 1520 completed the unfinish work in the Raffaello Atelier and then moved to Mantua and he had many commission and his work is well know. His work is also in many Museum and Churches.

Gianfrancesco Penni also left after closing the Raffaello Atelier and moved in Naple and continue to work there until his death. An interesting description of him is in the book “Raphael: The Pursuit of Perfection” by Timothy Clifford”

In the life of Raffaello there are so many important historic event  of the patronage he received like from Perugino famous artist and  teacher, Guido di Montefeltro Duke of Urbino  and his wife Elizabetta Gonzaga, many Noblemen and many Popes

 Raffaello is also known for his work in Architecture. A good example is the Villa Madama in Rome. There are beautiful golden affresco decoration all over the ceiling and walls that looks like the sun shine is inside. The Villa has the same square feet of St. Peter Church.

 The story of his work seen by Vasari  are in his book “le Vite of the Artist” he say  that Raffaello always made all the  cartoon  himself for every commission, for every etchings, and ‘he drew and colored in his own hand all the cartoons, in the exact form and size needed” these were to be send to be woven in gold and floss-silk in Bruges, Flanders,” The tapestry are in the Vatican and they where commissioned by Pope Leone X

At this time 2020 remembering his premature death in 1520 Raffaello’s work and life of achievement is represented  by many lectures and exhibits.

See Istituto Italiano di Cultura Los Angeles website:  Raffaello 500  lecture and exhibit of his work

Example:   Magister Raffaello lecture by Federico Zen on his death

                    Raffaello 1520-1483 Una Passeggiata in Mostra (his life and work)

Raffaello a Berlino Dr. Dagmar Korbacher (Etchings by Marcantonio Raimondi and original drawing by Raffaello)

Villa Madama – Raffaello Architecture

Raffaello dipinti dal 1499 al 1520 *video Mostra (see Madonna del Divino Amore)