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Fiction,  Italian Renaissance Art

Lady in Ermine: The Story of a Woman Who Painted the Renaissance by Donna DiGiuseppe
This historical fiction novel reveals the discovery of an historic figure who embodies the struggle of women throughout the ages while immersing the reader in the sixteenth century world of the Renaissance figures she paints.

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Resource Books for Carla Nicole De Petris’ Book


Cavalcaselle was at this time curator of the Capodimonte Museum, Naples and wrote about this particular painting on wood referring to the words of Vasari but make a reference that perhaps it was painted by his pupil. He mention Giulio Romano but later some Art historian attributed to Gianfrancesco Penni. Since that time many books have been written about this subject.

VASARI “LIVES OF THE ARTISTS” Translated by George Bull –Penguin 1965 In the description on the life of Raffaello there is a paragraph about this painting that since that time everybody refer to it. The Madonna “This is a work of such strength and such enchanting delicacy that I cannot see how it could ever be surpassed”

MARIO SALVI “RAFFAELLO” L’Opera – Le Fonti – La Fortuna – two Volumes Istituto Geografico DE AGOSTINI – Novara

CARLO PEDRETTI – “RAPHAEL” His Life & Work in the Splendors of the Italian Renaissance with new documents Giunti Barbera Spa, Firenze, Italy 1989 Professor of Art History, University of California. He introduced a photograph of a painting with the same subject found in Geneva.

J,A, GERE – DRAWINGS by RAPHAEL and his CIRCLE – From British and North American Collections – The Pierpoint Morgan Library – New York – Meriden Stinehour Press 1987

PIER GIOVANNI BARONI – MEMORIE STORICHE E DOCUMENTI sulla Citta ‘ e sull’antico Principato di Carpi – La Nunziatura in Francia di Rodolfo Pio (1535-1537) Tamari Editori in Bologna a 1962 The life of Cardinal Rodolfo Pio da Carpi. He received in inheritance the original painting by Raffaello. After his death in 1564 he bequest everything in his possession to the relatives Falco’ Pio di Savoia Family.


Research on the Painting of this story after the death of the owner Cardinal Rodolfo Pio da Carpi.

TIMOTHY CLIFFORD and JOHN DICK – RAPHAEL – THE PURSUIT OF PERFECTION National Galleries of Scotland – 1994 – Two wonderful stories reported on my book, One about Gianfrancesco Penni and the other about Raffaello

DAVID ALAN BROWN = RAPHAEL and AMERICA – National Gallery of Art Washington – 1983 – The American Society interested in Raffaello painting

ITALO FALDI – Gli Affreschi del PALAZZO FARNESE di Caprarola – Casa di risparmio di Torino – The Farnese dynasty.

PINACOTECA GIOVANNI e MARELLA AGNELLI – RAFFAELLO MADONNA DEL DIVINO AMORE – Maurizio Corraini s.r.l. – Via Ippolito Nievo, 7/A 40600 Mantova – Many writers on the subject of the 1518 painting on wood of the Madonna of Divine Love” after the 2015 exhibit of the painting in Torino.