Raffaello’s Tapestry Design for Pope Leone X

We marvel to see the beauty of Raffaello's design. During his short life, he was able to accomplish so many works of art. Everything created during his lifetime was from his drawings. He designed everything himself, for etchings, frescoes, tapestries, paintings, and architecture. Some of his drawings were turned into beautiful engravings by Marcantonio Raimondi, … Continue reading Raffaello’s Tapestry Design for Pope Leone X

Raffaello in Perugia

RAFFAELLO ‘THE ENTOMBMENT OF CHRIST’ COMMISIONED IN 1507 BY ATALANTA BAGLIONI TO HONOR THE DEATH OFF HER SON GRIFONETTO Recently, a Zoom meeting was held in the city of Perugia, Italy with a historic presentation of the prestigious Baglioni family by Alessandra Oddi Baglioni. Alessandra is the author of the book "Nozze Rosse" (Red Wedding). … Continue reading Raffaello in Perugia

Drawings by Raffaello

Raffaello always began his process of creation with a drawing.  With the 500th anniversary of Raffaello’s death, The Italian Cultural Institute Los Angeles has a magnificent program with videos of his world and lectures starting with the exhibit of his drawings.   The exhibit of drawings and etchings gives a perspective of all his work … Continue reading Drawings by Raffaello

Raffaello 500

When the Istituto Italiano di Cultura Los Angeles presented the Raffaello 500 Maestro universale 1520-2020, I was very interested to see the many video presentations on his life and work.  The presentation marks the occasion of Raffaello’s death 500 years ago. There are so many interesting lectures and exhibits that is a joy to see them over and … Continue reading Raffaello 500